Clinton Early Childhood/Cardinal Preschool (Clinton)

502 S. 5th St., Clinton, MO 64735, Tel:(660) 885-5845
Clinton Early Childhood/Cardinal Preschool
At Cardinal Preschool we believe … •Every child deserves a safe, healthy, and secure environment. •All children can be successful learners. •We have an obligation to treat the children, the families and the community we serve with honesty and respect. •Learning should be relevant, meaningful, and developmentally appropriate. •Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. •Cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork are essential to meeting our goals. Program Goals & Objectives 1.Provide preschool students with high-quality, developmentally appropriate learning experiences designed to enhance kindergarten readiness. 2.Support parents in their role as a child’s first, and most important teacher by providing access to educational resources and information. 3.Provide highly qualified teachers trained in child development and a research based curriculum. 4.Ensure continuity and smooth transitions from home to early education and primary school. Our learning environment is designed to provide students with a challenging, yet developmentally appropriate curriculum. The center has chosen to integrate the Missouri Early Childhood Standards into the state-approved Project Construct curriculum model. Through the active learning process, children will construct their own knowledge; learn how to make decisions and plans; seek and organize information. The role of the teacher is to guide students in their construction of knowledge – challenging them to make predictions, try new approaches, and solve their own problems. We are a quality program committed to excellence in our efforts to serve the preschool students of our community.
502 S. 5th St.
Clinton, MO 64735
(660) 885-5845
Henry County
CLINTON (042124)

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