Hope House STL (St. Louis)

6110 Cote Brilliante Ave., St. Louis, MO 63133, Tel:(314) 679-5401
Hope House STL
Hope House STL belief is that we are "In partnership with the parent to raise the whole child" Our mission is to increase the interactions between parents and their children. This Center encourages parents to work as a team with the staff to enhance their child's development and social growth. We develop each child's positive self-concept through an environment designed to foster a sense of independence and responsibility. Together we can provide positive experiences for young children. The Hope House STL Child Development Center partners with the Youth In Need Early Head Start Program, United 4 Children, St Louis Public Library and Ready Readers.
6110 Cote Brilliante Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63133-2606
(314) 679-5401
St. Louis city
ST. LOUIS CITY (115115)

Cherita Rackley (crackley@hopehousestl.com)