Altenburg Public Preschool (Altenburg)

8432 Main Street, Altenburg, MO 63732, Tel:(573) 824-5857
Altenburg Public Preschool
Our center provides an opportunity for children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. This is accomplished through developmentally appropriate activities that are designed to enrich children and provide them with many concrete experiences before they enter their years of formal schooling. Our program is to provide a positive environment where children can grow and develop into life long enthusiastic learners. To accomplish this we will provide a day filled with well planned, developmentally appropriate, fun activities. We will be using the Creative Curriculum as the structure for our program. Morning class time will consist of age appropriate, hands on, activity based themes and will include such things as group time, stories, songs, cooking, readiness activities, art, large and small motor skills, center time and field trips.
8432 Main Street
Altenburg, MO 63732
(573) 824-5857
Perry County
ALTENBURG 48 (079078)

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